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Instructional League FAQs

The AAU HOOP Bethlehem Youth Basketball Winter Instructional League is for Boys and Girls Grades Kindergarten thru 3rd Grade. We allow players to "play up" or "play down" a grade level so Pre-Kindergarteners and 4th Graders are welcome to participate. ONCE YOU REGISTER YOUR CHILD ONLINE EXPECT TO RECEIVE A REMINDER ABOUT THE STARTING DATE OF THE LEAGUE THE DAY BEFORE IT IS SET TO BEGIN.

Each session will designate the first 30 minutes as time to work on the fundamental aspects of basketball while the next 30 minutes will be a running time game. There will be two adult trainers for each basketball session. Drills will focus on the fundamental aspects of the game of basketball which include: dribbling, shooting, passing, pivoting, help side and ball side defense. Players will experience growth in the areas of social interaction, sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play through acquisition of the rules of the game and skill development.

For the Winter Basketball Instructional league we will not be taking friend requests during the registration process; the trainers will make and balance the teams each night, and from game to game if necessary, to ensure competitive/fair teams. Parent volunteers are still welcome to help coach games and can sign up to do so through the online registration process. Parent volunteers are also invited and welcome to also help during the first 30 minutes of drills if they'd like- no prior sign up necessary. 

While each player will receive a Bethlehem basketball tee shirt at the opening session, due to the varying number of teams that could be created based on the Trainer's discretion, we will use pinnies for the basketball games. So it is not necessary for your child to wear their Bethlehem Basketball tee shirt to the sessions. Teams will receive a time slot of 6:00-7:00 p.m. and 7:00-8:00 p.m. The day of the week, and time slot will remain the same for the entire season


The participant fee is $155 which covers the insurance, gym rental, head trainer/referee, assistant trainer, Bethlehem tee shirts and trophies for all the kids. There will be a scoreclock and basketballs for all the kids at the sessions. After filling out the online registration form, you have the option of paying online with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) or checking/debit account as well as mailing a personal check. If you'd rather mail a check you can click "pay offline" and the below information will appear.

A $155 check payable to "AAU Hoop, LLC"  can be mailed to:

AAU Hoop

P.O. Box 9572, Niskayuna, NY 12309

In the memo portion of check please include your child's name and grade level league they are registered.

If you end up changing your mind and would rather pay by credit card you can email and request an invoice through email which you can then pay by credit/debit card.


While the Youth League will have a Head Trainer/Referee and Assistant Trainer we encourage parents to volunteer to coach their child's team if they'd like to. The games will be 30 minutes long and running time. At the end of every 5 minute segment everyone not playing will substitute into the game. The defense will play man to man under one of the hash marks on court near the 3 point line to allow the ball handler to reach that point of the court without pressure. The Trainers may stop play on occasion and instruct the players during the game on the proper methods which will help reinforce the fundamentals taught during the first 30 minutes of the basketball session.

The Kindergarten and 1st Grade levels will play on the lower rims with the other grade levels playing on the 10 foot rims. The referee will encourage the players to dribble and might stop play on occasion to help the player understand but will not call walking violations that result in a turnover at the Kindergarten and 1st grade level of play. We won't allow stealing the ball off a dribble or intercepting a pass at the Kindergarten and 1st Grade level. The above gives you some idea that the ref will not be calling every rule violation but allowing the game flow to take place and for players to use the skills they have. 

Please note: At the K/1 levels we may decide to lengthen the fundamental skills portion of the session and incorporate team competitions towards the latter quarter of the hour long session instead of having a running time game. We believe that in some instances by focusing more on basketball skill building it will allow the K/1 players to be more ready for the running time game once we decide to integrate it into their session.